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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an often undervalued but vital profession
A total of 430 entries

Corporate white-collar worker

Government Officials

Emergencies and Rescue

Thread - Rift Attendant

Bridgeway Railmen

Knowledge Liaison Officers

Jirithkaen Child Caregivers

Shortage of teachers to work with Sensitives

Stick Picker-upper

Engatrau: Mud-Lovers

Waste Disposal Technician

Calassarian Advisors

Servants of Death

Simgrav technicians

Tanglesnaggers, The

Space Traffic Controllers

Promeran Mail & Delivery Service

Brightly Burning Ethion--Ethite Language

Desert Caravan Bladder Rollers

Comedy in Szassar Culture

Mortician of Astillier

Core Custodian {WASC 2021}

Track Maintenance Technician

World Culture Instructor

Poultrey Purveyor

To train a pigeon

Body desposer / bodydigger

Blekendelph Handler

Cockle Picking in Serukis

Arabarok Harvester

Miners of Havila - Prompt #20 undervalued but vital profession

Consort of the Master's Court

Hospitality Professionals

Orchestrator of Souls

Receptionists for Magical Masters

Dockworker | Stevedore and Longshoreman

Beacon Adjustment, Care, Operation and Navigation Technician

Levilicin Distiller

Orbital Derelict Floating Parts and Sattelite Collector

Yolkadras: babysitting bodyguards

Imperial Surveyor

The Tanners of Akorros


Criciro's Bookbinders Guild

City maintenance and cleaning

Component Hunters

Sensory Stupor Therapist

Pawe'sche Begleiter

Nostralovish Priest

Imperial Surrogate

Rendite Pest Control

Asteroid Belt Mining and Haulers

Barnacle Combine

Transmutation Alchemists

Station Traffic Control

Fpridabmelin Snilodawa

The Ghost Farmers

Mushroom Juice Collector

The Spirit Keepers

Surveyors in the Iron Hills

Slavery in Salan

Intergalactic Smuggler

Unified Streetcleaners Association

Gladiator Games Master

Aldaria's Waste Management Service- By Rustl Haetumour

Prompt 20: The Cleaners

Electrical Foundrymen

Wasteland Watchers

SIDF Spacecraft Mechanic

Navy Communications Officer

Melody Day students

The Sacrifice Squad

Alchemical Gathering Expert

Fey Mould Exterminator

Sewage Maintenance Crew

Heldenic Rice Farmers

Caregiver of the sick and dying

Waking Night Attendant

Warlock/Witch's Advocate

Les mains dans les insectes

Mana Waste Abatement Worker

Archive Re-Indexer

Burrowmen Waste Disposal

Endure Sewage Maintenance Worker

The Sewer Tenders of Baron's Point

Terra Novus Immigration Officer

Riding messengers

Bookmakers of Tecoma Street

Long Haul Space Truckers

Officer and Constable of the Russian National Police Forces

Hunter of Natherre

Spacesuit Repair Specialist

Early Education Magic Teachers

Hexworm Frass Collector

Small town shop owner

Goblin Sanitation Engineers

Wreckage Scrapper