Academy of Peace

The Academy of Peace is a place of education and training for the Wolfsbrunn Millitary in the city of Morhan. The academy consists of several buildings and training yards in the Iron Ward. Ironically, during times of peace, a lot of the buildings of the compound are vacant, while during times of war the area is bustling with fresh recruits.   Most common footsoldiers go through basic training here, but the academy also offers programs for officers and supporting roles within the millitary such as blacksmiths and doctors. Those who worship The Three can even be educated here in the ways of war and worship to become a Battlepriest.   Although the primary objective of the academy is to serve the entire Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn by training those responsible for its protection, the academy is also responsible for the recruitment, education and training of members of the Department of Preservation and Security for the city of Morhan.
Alternative Names
Millitary Academy of Morhan
University / Educational complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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