Alabaster White Runechalk

Rare Wondrous Item

Chalk One Up. As an action you can use this chalk to draw a simple symbol. A creature using this chalk must have at least an intelligence of 10 to draw these symbols. Only one of the symbols can be active at a time. You can draw up to 20 symbols with this chalk before it is completely used up.   Square. When drawn around a creature that is alive but at 0 hit points it will stabilize them. This does not affect undead or constructs.   Circle. When standing in the circle you are granted 1d4 bonus to a single ability check of your choice.   Triangle. Creates a sacred glyph on a 5ft. square. Any undead creature walking over the glyph has to make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 15). On a failed save they take 1d8+2 Radiant damage, on a successful save they take none.   Cross. Erases all information from a sheet of paper.
Alabaster White Runechalk


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