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Amulet of the Everfrost Spire

Rare Wondrous Item

Silver Memories. When you wear this amulet for more than one full day, it becomes bound to you forever. The amulet stores memories of important moments and life-changing events you experience while wearing it. Additionally you can spend 10 minutes to store a memory of your choice spanning no longer than a day into the amulet. There is no limit to the amount of memories that can be stored in the amulet.   You can use a bonus action to recall a memory and speak a command word. A visual illusion appears within the circle of the amulet. The illusion shows the events of the memory as perceived through your eyes.   Other creatures cannot access the memories you stored into the amulet, but you can allow another creature to access the stored memories by speaking a command word while they are touching the amulet.
Amulet of the Everfrost Spire
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