Arc de Fortuna

The Fortuna river crosses through the city of Morhan. Dividing the city in a south-western part and a north-eastern part. The Arc de Fortuna was the first bridge that connected these parts of the city.


Before the bridge was built, a multitude of ferries were responsible for getting people and goods from one side of the city to the other. The merchants of Morhan proposed the plan to build a bridge to connect the workshops and workers that lived on the south bank of the Fortuna to the more wealthy northern bank. The construction of the bridge started in 4997AV and took 6 yeas to be completed. A few decades after the construction was completed, the width of the bridge was increased to increase the safety of pedestrians and allow for more traffic.


The Arc de Fortuna is an arch bridge made of pale gray granite and ornaments of white marble. There are a total of 9 equal sized arches spanning the river, each large enough to fit riverboats and barges through them. The roadway is wide enough for two carriages to pass each other and features a wide sidewalk on the western side for the many pedestrians crossing the river every day. At each end of the bridge, the road is flanked by two large marble statues of winged angels with golden eyes. The buttresses of the bridge extend into tall stone lanterns, an enchantment lights the lanterns up at night to cast the bridge in a warm light.
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Alternative Names
The Marble Archway
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