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Arthanox the Malevolent

Very Rare Wondrous Item (Sentient, Cursed)

Fate of the Finger Puppet. This puppet comes to life when you put it on a finger. Arthanox is sentient and rolls initiative in combat. He has access to the Firebolt, Mending and Prestidigitation cantrips. His spell attack modifier is +7. While Arthanox is on your finger you are not impaired to use your hands in any way. However, his commentary is endless.   Personality. Arthanox used to be a cruel old wizard. It is unclear even to himself how he came to be a finger puppet but he is out for revenge and nothing will stop him in his path. His ultimate goal is to return back to normal (and possibly world domination). His alignment is Chaotic Evil.   Fingers Crossed (Curse). Once Arthanox is on your finger he will not let go. Trying to do so requires an Intelligence saving throw (DC 24). On a failed save you take 1d8 Psychic damage on a successful save you remove him.   Eternal Toy. The fabric Arthanox is made of can’t be cut by normal means. However, if Arthanox is destroyed his soul possesses a different wizard puppet in a random toy box on the material plane within a year.
Arthanox the Malevolent


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