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Barrel Bat

Common Club (Light)

Damage. 1d4 Bludgeoning   Barely Hiding. You can use a action while holding this club to speak a command word to transform it into a full sized barrel. The barrel can fit one medium sized creature or two small sized creatures inside. If you are holding the club while transforming it, you end up inside of the barrel. The barrel is open on a side of your choosing. While inside the barrel if the opening is on the bottom, you have disadvantage on Perception checks, your movement speed is halved and you have full cover. The barrel has an AC of 13 and 10 hit points. If it is reduced to 0 hit points the barrel instantly transforms back into a club and cannot transform again for the next 24 hours. The creature that transformed the club into a barrel, can use an action to speak the command word again while touching the barrel with a free hand to transform it back into a club and have it end up in their hand. Any items inside the barrel drop to the ground in their place when it turns back into a club.
Barrel Bat


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