Battle Toolbox

Rare Warhammer (Versatile)
Requires attunement

Damage. 1d8 (1d10) +1 Bludgeoning
  Sturdy. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls you make with this weapon.
  Tools of the Trade. The toolbox head of this hammer can be opened and connects to an extradimensional space that allows it to hold numerous items while never weighing more than 10 pounds. The toolbox can hold up to 20 pounds of nails, screws and wires, five sets of tools (including artisan’s tools, navigator’s tools and thieves’ tools) and one club. You can use an action to retrieve any item from inside of it.
  Deconstruct. You can use an action to detach the handle of this hammer. While detached, the handle becomes a common club and the toolbox can be carried.. You can use another action to reattach the club, turning the battle toolbox back into a warhammer.


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