Black Bastion

By far the most impressive building on the Isle of the Dragon in Rornach, the Black Bastion is the largest bank in Wolfsbrunn. Coins and riches are safest when they are kept between the thick black granite walls of the bastion.   The bastion is nigh featureless on the outside, the square building is made of smooth black stone with no ornamental decoration. The interior is slightly more inviting and opulent. The black granite is contrasted with grey marble and there is an abundance of brass and golden decor. The finely crafted exchange counters and furniture are made of mahogany inlaid with brass designs.   The administrators of the bastion keep a strict record of what items are stored within its vaults and safes. The bastion has personal lockboxes, safes specifically built for magical (or cursed) items as well as family or organization vaults accessible by groups of people. The building itself has strong reinforced walls that are near impossible to break, but contents stored within the bastion can be protected by special locks, traps and enchantments, depending on the wishes of the client or the Bastion itself. The Envoy of Avaritia is the only person who can bypass all protective measures with their golden Bands of the Vaultkeeper.
Alternative Names
The Black Bank
The Coinbox
The Onyx Exchange
Bank / Treasury
Parent Location


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