Brenner Estate

The Brenner Estate can be found east of Morhan, just outside the walls of the city. It's a large farm where many crops are cultivated. The Brenner Family is most famous for their Westvaldian Rye, which they perfected to have a large yield and a less bitter taste than the regular Westvaldian Rye.   The Brenner estate consists of a large villa as well as multiple fields, barns and sheds. Apart from this, the estate also has some fields with livestock. The entire family lives within the villa together with some of the farmhands and servants who have their own living quarters within the building. The cellars of the villa hold a small brewery and distillery, where the family has experimented with creating a brand and type of alcoholic drink of their own. Hoping to further their profits and grow their business, they have tried to create various blends and mixes over the years, but none have become a reall success.   A few years ago, the family had created a well liked whisky, but the recipe was lost soon after. It is rumored that it was stolen by a former farmhand of the estate: Tomas Brukovik. He now distills his own whisky to the south west of the city: Westhan Black Label, which according to tasters is very much like the drink the Brenners made a few years ago.


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