Bright Sentinel

The title of Bright Sentinel is given to Naldorese leaders and heroes who have showed incredible perseverance, compassion and strength to defend and protect the people against threats from the outside or within. The title is an honor to bear and only few ever gain it.   Even though the Naldorese are a peaceful folk, many Naldorese dwarves dream of one day being able to show their worth in times of hardship so that they may become a Bright Sentinel. Children often play and pretend to wield the sword, axe or hammer that signifies the title of Bright Sentinel. Swinging the wooden weapon wildly at an imaginary sea monster or dragon that has come to attack the lands. However, battle is not the only way a person may become a Bright Sentinel. There have been instances of healers, craftspeople as well as builders that have gained the title as well.   When a Naldorese person is given the title of Bright Sentinel, they are offered a custom weapon forged from amniteum glass. A crew of craftspeople is needed to create the weapon which usually features a seal leather handle, iron plating and brass ornaments. The Sentinel to be is tasked to find and mine an amniteum fossil themselves as a personal quest, this stone is unique to the sentinel and placed as an ornamental feature onto the weapon.


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