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Brukovik Distillery

Brukovik Distillery can be found in Westhan, where it produces the fine whisky known as Westhan Black Label.   Most of the ingredients for the whisky are locally sourced, the rye specifically used for the whisky is the strain of rye known as Westvaldian Rye, which is grown abundantly around Morhan. The distillery itself is situated in a large barn. Here, the raw ingredients are processed in large kettles and distilled into the finest whisky in the west of Wolfsbrunn. Approximately five workers are responsible for this process, under the guidance and watchful eye of the master brewer Tomas Brukovik they make sure the recipe is followed exactly as it should.   When the whisky is distilled, it is stored in barreld made of Duskwood. The wood of this barrels infuses the whisky with it's distinct taste over the course of at least 2 years. During this time, the barrels are stored in the vast cellars of the brewery. Within these cellars are also special reserves of casks and barrels from earlier years, which are sometimes bought or gifted during special celebrations. The individual rooms within the cellars are sealed and dated to prevent anyone from prematurely opening the barrels and casks.   Every year on the first day of the second month, exactly two years after sealing the rooms, there is a small festivity the distillery hosts. During this day, the seal on the cellars are broken and a first taste of the batch is shared amongst the workers and a small group of highly esteemed guests who have been personally invited by Tomas Brukovik.
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Black Label Distillery
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