Cardyan Alchemists' Laboratory

The alchemists' guild of Hartloch creates remedies and concoctions in this humble building. In truth, it is not only a laboratory, but also serves as a shop for potions and simple enchanted weaponry. Those with a knowledge of the arcane might also be interested in the material components required for spells that can be bought from the lab.
  The guild was initially founded by a botanist and two former apprentices of the wizards of the Tower of Transmutation and the Tower of Abjuration. They bought this guildhouse with investments from Edgewater Hospital and the two wizards of the towers at the time, who believed their skills and services would be of great use for the city and its people.   The laboratory consists of three sections: the waiting room, the apothecary and the ritual chamber. For safety purposes, customers are not allowed to enter the apothecary and ritual chamber. In the apothecary, the alchemists keep their products stored in cabinets and on shelves. Everything is organized by alphabet and the value and location of each item is kept in a large leatherbound ledger. The ritual chamber is where all of the magical enchanting takes place, the room can be sealed and has been protected by magic itself to decrease (catastrophic) failure during the enchantment process.
Alternative Names
The Alchemists' Guild
House of Potions
Parent Location


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