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Cinderhill Cemetery

Within a large clearing in the forest lie neat rows of stones. Most of them depicting crows or ravens in honor of Nevaria, others showing the holy symbol of the The Three. A small, sober mausoleum stands at the center of the stones, on top of which stands the statue of a knelt man, his head bowed to the mountains in the east.   Cinderhill cemetery is a graveyard north-east of Altenport on the edge of the Thelian Mountains. The Cinderhill Cemetery is in the middle of the forest with no settlement closeby. The reason for this is because it was created during and after the Battle of the Burning Oaks. Usually, warriors that are killed in a war or battle away from home are brought back to their next of kin to be laid to rest. However, when the Battle of the Burning Oaks came to an end, the dead outnumbered the living, and transport of the bodies in a respectful manner became impossible.   Most of the warriors of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn that fought in this battle killed in battle, others were poisoned by the opposing Thelian forces with Cinderthorn. A significant number of them however, were tragically burned to death in the fires that were started by their own allies during the final battle.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Cemetery of Ash
Fields of the Burnt Oaks
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