Diver's Dread

Source. Diver's Dread is a mental condition that sometimes occurs to those traveling to the depths of the ocean. It is thought to be the combination of several factors: the change in pressure, sound of rushing water and intense darkness. It is a bane of those exploring the depths as it could force them to remain on the ocean floor for an extended time. When an individual travels to the bottom of the ocean quickly, they have to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 18). This DC is lowered by 5 if the creature has consumed soup from Steel Wrack seaweed in the last 24 hours. On a failed save they experience the following symptoms and effects.
  Symptoms. Diver's Dread has three stages the afflicted goes through. The first stage happens during the descent, the individual experiences visions of creatures surrounding them in the waters. If the diver returns back to the surface during this stage, the affliction does not progress, but if they do they enter the second stage after a short period of time has passed after reaching the ocean floor.
During the second stage, the paranoia increases to pure fear. The diver is inable to speak and any attempts to move result in temporary blindness and deafness. A diver that chooses to return to the surface while fully in the second stage of Diver's Dread will enter the third stage as soon as they reach the surface.
When entering the third stage the individual shortly spasms wildly like a fish on dry land, after which they can become extremely exhausted and can no longer move.
  Effects. During the first stage: disadvantage on saving throws to maintain concentration and against being Frightened while being underwater. During the second stage the individual becomes Frightened of all creatures it sees. They cannot speak and if they move 5ft. they become Blinded and Deafened. During third stage Diver's Dread they are Paralyzed and gain three points of Exhaustion. While diseased, their points of Exhaustion cannot be reduced.
  Cure. Diver's Dread cannot be cured by Lesser Restoration. Each stage requires a different approach to curing it. First stage Diver's Dread is cured by spending a short rest on the surface. Second stage Diver's Dread can only be cured by spending two long rests on the ocean floor. Third stage Diver's Dread can only be cured with by spending five long rests at the surface. Greater Restoration will temporarily cure the affliction for 8 hours, but will not clear it completely.


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