Draconic Bellows

Wondrous Item, Rarity Varies

Blast of Draconic Breath. You can use these type of bellows to blow a type of draconic breath in a cone. All creatures in the area have to make a save against the breath. The type of breath, size of the cone and save depend on the type of bellows. After all of the uses of the bellows are used up, roll a d20. On a 1, the bellows break beyond repair. If it does not break, the bellows regains its use at midnight.  
Chromatic Draconic Bellows
Color Rarity
Black Uncommon
Blue Uncommon
Green Uncommon
Red Uncommon
White Uncommon
Metallic Draconic Bellows
Color Rarity
Brass Rare
Bronze Rare
Copper Rare
Gold Rare
Silver Rare


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