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Elves are believed to be descendants of the fey from the Plane of Light. Elves often live in places where they feel closest to the ancient natural energies of this plane. Elves have settled in various places but elven civilizations can predominantly be found in places that are brimming with life such as ancient forests, wild jungles and peaceful valleys. Most elves try to live their long lives in balance and harmony with the rest of the world, but that does not mean they will not protect or fight for what they value in life. Because of their long lifespans, elves have time to deeply research the arts and the arcane.


Thanks to their long lives, elves have a broad perspective on history and the events of the world that other races of the world might not have. This broad perspective makes it so that elves are usually not greedy when it comes to gold and silver, for what is the worth of a coin compared to what else life has to offer. Nor are they easy to anger through spoken or written insults, as they have learned to put petty grievances aside. These traits have made some civilizations of elves unrelatable to others, as they seem stand-offish and perhaps even cold to what happens in the world. However, time and time again throughout history, elves have proven themselves to be empathatic and aid others in need.

Sages and Mentors

The age old knowledge of elves is respected throughout the world. In a lot of places, elves are requested to teach their skills or knowledge to others. Whether this be arcane secrets to apprentice wizards, calligraphy to scribes in a monastery, or archery and swordplay to soldiers of a kingdom's army. These elves have collectively changed the history of the world through their teachings of their crafts.
± 300 years
Average Height
1.70-1.95m (5'7"-6'5")
Average Weight
45-75kg (99.2-165.3Ibs)
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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