In the shadow of the Vara's Barrier mountainrange lies the sleepy hamlet of Ess. A small village that tries to not meddle in the afairs of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn. The people living here still hold a kindness in their heart and a sparkle in their eye as they live their simple harmonious lives.   Ess is a small self-sustaining village, the main population of which consists of Gnomes and Halflings. The quiet farms and homesteads are spaced widely in between the trees of what is considered the last remaining forest in the south of the Talvald. Ess does not have a particular trade or export but the villagers farm their own vegetables, grow their own fruit trees, keep bees and own chickens. The produce from these various efforts are used in lovely home cooked meals, the recipes of which have been perfected through the years.   Ess falls under the protection of Ă–fferwick, but they hardly ever require it. Other than the rare occassion of a troll or some other dangerous creature descending from the mountains of Vara's Barrier, Ess is peaceful and quiet. The sound of buzzing bees, clucking chickens and and sometimes a bit of laughter are usually the only sounds breaking the silence.


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