First Walker

First Walker is the honorary title given to a person who was the first in the winter season to walk across a body of water (traditionally a fjord) in the competition of Fjordwalking. The title is often used with a denotation of the year that the person earned the title. Usually spoken and written as: First walker of the year ____. In historical recordings there is also usually a mention of which day of the winter season the first crossing of the ice happened. The earlier in the season the crossing, the greater the achievement.
  First Walkers are often people who are light and quick on their feet with excellent endurance and perception. Weight and speed hold great importance when it comes to making it across the thin ice, but perception plays a big role when it comes to finding the right path. Being able to see what happens with the ice as you step onto it and listening if it starts to crack is a valuable skill to have if you wish to become a First Walker. There are often small rewards or prizes given to the First Walker, but it is not a title that holds much importance other than praise and honor.


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