Fixing Stitcher

Uncommon Wondrous Item
Requires Proficiency with Leatherworker's or Weaver's Tools

Mending Stitch. You can use this needle to cast the Mending cantrip at will.
  Stitched in Place. You can use an action to point this needle at a creature you can see within 30ft. of you and speak a command word. When you do, the needle flies towards and around the creature, conjuring a thin but incredibly strong arcane thread behind it that tightens around the creature. The creature has to make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 14). On a failed save they become Restrained. A creature can break free by making an Athletics or Acrobatics check (DC 14) Alternatively, you can use this feature to target an object, or multiple objects that fit within a 10ft. cube (that are not being worn or carried). When you bind multiple objects, you bind them tightly together with the conjured thread. This feature can be used once per day, and can be used again after the next dawn.


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