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Flame Red Runechalk

Uncommon Wondrous Item

Chalk One Up. As an action you can use this chalk to draw a simple symbol. A creature using this chalk must have at least an intelligence of 6 to draw these symbols. Only one of the symbols can be active at a time. You can draw up to 20 symbols with this chalk before it is completely used up.   Square. Lasts for 24 hours maximum. The first creature that walks over this symbol has to make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 10) on success they take no damage, on a fail they get hit by an erupting flame and take 1d6 Fire damage. After this happens the symbol disappears.   Circle. Conjures a non-magical campfire that can burn for a duration of 8 hours.   Triangle. Cooks all the food in a 2ft. cube with a quality as if prepared by a professional chef.  
Cross. Casts the spell Heat Metal on the (metal) item it is drawn on.
Flame Red Runechalk


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