High above the clouds, on Mount Muntz, stands the Himmelfort. Once a place dedicated to studying arcane secrets of the world, it now serves as the primary outpost of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn overlooking the Talvald valley and Kordaasi.


The Himmelfort is a fort with thick outer walls of dark grey stone. There are five simple, squat towers between the walls. The keep and buildings within the walls are made of the same stone with thick wooden shingles that have turned a black'ish brown from the cold weather and harsh winds. Underneath the fort, there are many tunnels that run deep inside the mountain to connect the many storage rooms, living quarters and laboratories of the fort to eachother.

Border Outpost

The Himmelfort is known for its own aerial division that rides atop hippogrifs along the borders with Kordaasi. There are not a lot of forces stationed at the Himmelfort, as their duty is mainly to report threats, rather than to engage with them. Being stationed at the Himmelfort is perceived by many people in the Wolfsbrunn Millitary as the worst place possible to be condemnet to. Howver, for people who love the thrill of flight and don't mind the cold air and lack of festivities, ife is not unpleasant atop the mountain within the community of the Himmelfort.


The Himmelfort was created by a wizard who's name has been forgotten in time. He created it to isolate himself from the chaos of the world to further his studies. According to legend, a few years after its founding, a cleric of Eramor appeared before the gates, and requested the wizard to join him in his fort, for they wanted to be as close to the stars as possible to pray to their deity. Soon after that, a young Thelian boy came to the fort, requesting he be taught by the wizard and so it was that he become his apprentice. A few weeks passed before a trio of monks who had taken a silent vow appeared before the gates, stating in a letter that they would wish to meditate within the walls of the fort. Over the years, more and more people gathered within the fort, some seeking knowledge, others seclusion from the world below. So it came to be that the Himmelfort turned into a monastery of the arcane arts of sorts.


The Himmelfort was eventually officially recognized as part of the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn and gained the rights as a proper settlement within the kingdom. The fort was seen as a perfect border outpost to control the valley between the Thelian Mountains and Vara's Barrier. With the Himmelfort on the eastern side and the city of Ă–fferwick on the western side, it was believed that the valley could be protected from invasions from Kordaasi. Shortly after the Himmelfort was officially recognized, the talents of the wizards and sorcerers within the Himmelfort had also been observed. These developments would eventually lead to the Himmelfort becoming a place of training for Warmages which would be conscripted into the Wolfsbrunn Millitary. This lasted several decades until most of these warmages were killed during War of the Towers, or deserted the armed forces of Wolfsbrunn in the fallout after that war. This event is cause for the fact that there are only armed forces occupying the Himmelfort, but there cannot be found any wizards or sorcerers on the mountain these days.
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