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Honeypaste is a strong narcotic which evokes a euphoric and relaxing feeling. It is made from the Behratiplant native to Azuno. The sap of the flowers of this plant, known as Behratisap, is mixed with honey and resin from a gumtree.   Honeypaste is usually chewed for a few minutes to release the psychoactive component from the mixture but is not swallowed. The taste starts out as extremely sweet and herbal, but as the active components of the behratisap and sugar of the honey dissolve, the taste becomes bland. In some cultures, honeypaste is seen as a good way to unwind and relax and a healthier alternative than alcohol, while in other places the drug is illegal and possession of it strictly forbidden. Honeypaste is usually sold in jars from which the person takes a small spoonful of the substance. However, it can also be found in dried form as hard candies known as Buzzbees.
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Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
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