House of Emerald Glass

Perhaps the most impressive structure dedicated to alchemy and the manufacturing of medicine in Wolfsbrunn, is the verdant glass palace known as the House of Emerald Glass.

The House of Emerald Glass stands in Rornach on the island district of Invida. The structure is made of steel and Amniteum glass panes crafted by Naldorese craftspeople. The glass itself is clear, but inside of the structure grow a wide variety of herbs, flowers, plants and trees. The peculiar nature of the Amniteum glass reflects the colors of the flora inside in a way that makes the building look as if it was made of emerald. People who see or visit the House of Emerald Glass often have noted that the tint and coloration of the House of Emerald Glass are never completely similair from one moment to the next. This is most likely caused by the plants inside changing color throughout the seasons, and the sun's position changing throughout the day and year, but some believe it is caused by enchantments of the Amniteum glass which supposedly would increase the growth of the plants, as well as the potency of alchemical products that are manufactured within.   All of the people working in the House of Emerald Glass are under the strict but kindhearted leadership of the Green Lady herself, Daakira Duulthaar, Envoy of Invida. The plants are tended to by a small team of Botanists and a few Brunnian Gardener's Geese They harvest the roots, bark, sap, flowers, leaves and seeds from the plants carefully and sparingly to keep the plants alive and thriving. A few Chemists process these harvested materials into components that may be used in the various liquids, cremes and powders. Some of these components are mixed or left in their natural state while others are magically infused with alchemical magic.  

Plants, Potions and Poisons

Although the main function of the House of Emerald Glass is the production of restorative medicine, there is a semi clandestine trade in poisons and toxins as well. The trade of these products is not illegal in the city of Rornach but it also not openly spoken about. By decree of the Duke of Rornach, the House keeps a detailed ledger of what has been sold to whom. If someone were to use poison to commit a crime in the city that goes against the Juris Septem, the ledger in the House of Emerald Glass is the first place the Veror will look.The House is usually tasked to prepare specific mixtures and products by the city itself as well as doctors and hunters in the city. All of the wares are also for sale to traveling adventurers or any individuals in need of the products the House can concoct.
I've had a stuffy nose for days, but stepping inside, the first thing that hit me was the scent of all those plants and herbs in bloom. Almost immediately I felt my sinuses clearing up and my headache becoming far less painful.
— A citizen of Rornach


Throughout the seasons the House of Emerald Glass has a wealth of ingredients either grown themselves or obtained through trade. Prices may vary as demand grows during times of disease, or when ingredients are out of season or scarce for some other reason. The House generally has a supply of the following products available for purchase.


The House of Emerald Glass sometimes has need of hired help. Adventurers are eager to provide these services for the House, as they are not only fairly compensated for their troubles but also receive medication for any injuries they might have sustained during the execution of the task. The House of Emerald Glass might have one of the following tasks for adventurers.  
  • Be a testsubject for a new type of medication.
  • Collecting a missing or delayed shipment of ingredients from the harbor of Avaritia.
  • Delivering medicine to a patient who lives outside of the city.
  • Harvesting Purple Ikrus mushrooms from caves in the cliffs of the Antler.
  • Travel to a far away place to collect an ingredient from an obscure plant.
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