Imitation Putty

Uncommon Wondrous Item

Forgery Clay. You can use an action to touch this 3 inch ball of putty to an object and speak a command word. When you do, the putty shapes itself to look almost exactly like that object. The object can be as large as a 5ft. cube and the putty does not take on any magical, or non-magical properties of the object itself. While transformed, the putty still has a density similar to soft clay but when manipulated bounces back to the shape of the object. A creature can ascertain the item to be fake with a successful investigation check (DC 15). A creature making a successful Arcane check (DC 15) or a creature using the spell Detect Magic, will be able to deduce the item is a combination of Illusion and Transmutation magic. 24 hours after it has been used, the putty melts into a harmless pile of navy blue goo.
Imitation Putty


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