Otherwise known as the Salt Cells, Kaz'Agvor is a prison complex deep beneath the city of Thog'Naldar. Inside a large cave system that connects to the sea, the tide swells up within the cells.   The upper parts of Kaz'Agvor are dry, generally safe and as such not worse than a regular prison. Cells at the waterline however are also known as Tidal Torture cells. As the tide comes in the water only leaves a few inches of air in the cells, forcing the prisoners to the top of the cell, holding on to the bare rock, simming and keeping themselves afloat to keep breathing. The endless cycle of the tides leaves prisoners wet, cold and exhausted.   The worst section of Kaz'Agvor is nicknamed 'Chum Row'. These cells are completely open to the Boreal Sea. Prisoners in these cells are at danger of being eaten by seadwelling creatures when the tide comes in. Prisoners have been known to be snatched away by huge tentacles, ravaged by sharks or taken away by merfolk never to be seen again. People convicted to serve time in Chum Row have two choices, hope they are lucky enough to survive until they are granted mercy and given a different cell, or attempt to escape by swimming out to sea through the maze of caves and tunnels.
Alternative Names
The Salt Cells
Prison of Dark Tides
Parent Location


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3 Dec, 2021 12:21

Ha! I love the name of the sealife-plagued cells--chum row. What a miserable way to go: that is so perfect! :D

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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