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Lingo Lipstick

Common Wondrous Item

Made-up Speech. You can use an action to apply this lipstick to your own lips. Alternatively, you can apply it to the lips of a willing creature that can speak at least one language. While applied, the creature can speak and understand a specific spoken language depending on the type of lipstick. These effects last until removed or until 8 hours have passed.   The magic of the lipstick is depleted after 1d10 uses. After the last use it becomes a non-magical lipstick.    
Standard Lingo Lipsticks
d8 Language
1 Common
2 Dwarvish
3 Elvish
4 Giant
5 Gnomish
6 Goblin
7 Halfling
8 Orc
Exotic Lingo Lipsticks
d8 Language
1 Abyssal
2 Celestial
3 Draconic
4 Deep Speech
5 Infernal
6 Primordial
7 Sylvan
8 Undercommon


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