Loremaster’s Pendant

Very Rare Wondrous Item
Requires attunement

Lore Repository. While attuned to this pendant, you can use an action to speak a command word while pressing it against a book. The book transforms into a small purple diamond that floats to the pendant and attaches itself to it. You can use another action to speak a command word to have the diamond float out of the pendant and turn back into a book. The pendant can transform a book once per day and can hold up to 20 books in this way.   While attuned to the pendant, you can recall any information contained within the transformed books attached to it as if you had just read the pages. This ability allows you to learn the information in the books at an incredible pace, but does not allow you to cast spells from spellbooks, instantly comprehend complex subjects or understand languages you are unfamiliar with.
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