The energy that makes up the soul of all living things, known as nebulantium, is the most fundamental and purest form of arcane energy. It is the life force that flows through the waters, is ingrained in the earth and even flows in the sounds of beautiful music. This energy is believed to be the same that composes the Bright Stars in the Sea of Starlight, giving them their radiant and eternal glow.


Nebulantium is difficult to describe, as it does not typically exist as a physical material. It is often described as having a shimmering, ethereal quality, like a nebula in outer space, from which it derives its name. The appearance of nebulantium can vary greatly, taking on different forms, colors, and sizes depending on its environment or the living thing it is a part of. Nebulantium is not limited to only living things, however. It is also present in inanimate objects and natural phenomena, imbuing them with their own unique properties and qualities. For example, in a vibrant and lush forest, nebulantium might manifest as a glowing green mist, while in a desolate desert, it could appear as swirling, golden sand.

Starlight Soul

Nebulantium is a term that was created by arcane scientists to give this energy a name that is not so occult and mysterious sounding. However, when referring to the nebulantium of a creature or person, most will still simply call this their soul. Nebulantium is a highly sought-after and valuable resource to some. It is commonly believed that the strength of a soul determines what a person is capable of, but some think that a person or creature with a strong nebulantium may even be able to transcend their mortal existence and achieve divinity. As a result, there are many individuals who seek to increase their own nebulantium, either through personal growth and development, or by acquiring nebulantium from others.

Ever Expanding

The soul of a person can expand as their power increases and vice versa. In life, the choices a person makes and the actions they take will influence how their soul is shaped. In turn, the properties of their Nebulantium can change and increase their capabilities. For example, a person who consistently makes good choices and performs selfless acts may have a clear and pure Nebulantium, while a person who makes selfish and corrupt choices may have a twisted and corrupt Nebulantium. However, the strength of their soul and the power they have can be incredibly strong in both cases. This is influenced by two things, their knowledge and mastery over their own soul, and their connection to other souls.


Understanding one's own talents and powers is key to having mastery over the soul. For some this means great feats of strength, being able to cast complex spells or understanding the mysteries of the universe. For others it might be as simple as baking delicious breads for the townsfolk, acts of kindness to strangers or taking care of the elderly in the village. Their soul becomes shaped by what they have learned and chosen to do in life and what they have mastered.


The secondary aspect that influences the strength of a person's soul is their connection to others. The mechanism of the amount of power one individual has through the connection to others is referred to as the Law of Reverence. Whether someone is feared, worshipped or respected, this energy of other people flows into their own soul, strengthening them. It is theorized by scholars that this exact aspect of Nebulantium is what makes Divine Ascension possible for mortal beings.
The Divines gain their might and powers, even through the barrier of The Veil, through ceremonies, offerings and prayers. Evil inclined creatures like devils may hold the nebulantium of many souls through contracts and eternal servitude. Either way, whether it is the worship of their being or fear of what they stand for, it is thought that it is this energy that gives these beings their immense power and keeps them in existence.   When a connection is severed, for instance when the worship of a deity stops, their power decreases or their being might perhaps vanishes completely until they are willed back into existence again. The same effect can even be observed in the mortal realms. For instance when a king loses the faith of the people in his kingdom. Ultimately the power, influence and even wisdom will diminish. Unless the king restores the belief of the people in him, he may have to resort to becoming feared and respected by his subjects to maintain his rule.

Essence of Arcane

An increase in nebulantium also has incredible benefits for spellcasters. For example, it allows sorcerers to tap into greater reserves of magical power, allowing them to cast more complex and potent spells. Clerics or warlocks may use the energy of a divine or immortal being who grants them a portion of their power, which increases as this bond grows. But also other arcane practicioners like wizards, bards and druids all have their own understanding of the flow of this energy in the world around them and in themselves. In their own way, each spellcaster is able to combine, project and amplify these sources of magic with their own soul to cast spells and perform great feats of magic. As the power of their soul grows, so do the power of their spells.
Alternative Name(s)
Prime Arcana
Shard of the Origin
Soul Energy


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