Planar Steel Arrow

Planewrought Steel. The tip of this arrow is made from Planar Steel that originated from another plane of existence. On a successful hit the target takes an additional 4d6 damage of a type that depends on the origin of the steel.   Planar Steel Arrows
Arrow Damage Origin
Acid Steel ArrowAcidPlane of Earth
Astral Steel ArrowForceAstral Plane
Bright Steel ArrowRadiantPlane of Light
Cloud Steel ArrowThunderPlane of Air
Fire Steel ArrowFirePlane of Fire
Frost Steel ArrowColdPlane of Water
Gloom Steel ArrowNecroticPlane of Shadow
Shimmer Steel ArrowPsychicEthereal Plane
Spark Steel ArrowLightningPlane of Air
Venom Steel ArrowPoisonPlane of Water


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