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Portable Door

Rare Shield
Requires attunement

AC. +2   Bound Wall. You can use an action to bind this shield to a wall by speaking a command word while touching it to a 4ft. wide, 8ft. high section of wall. The wall has to be static and can be part of a built structure or a natural wall such as a cliff or cave. The shield can only be bound to a location once. If the wall is destroyed, the magic of the shield no longer functions.   Extra Door. As an action you can speak a command word and put this shield on the floor. The shield stands upright on its own and transforms into a 4ft. wide 8ft. tall doorway after 1 minute has passed. The backside of this doorway is a solid wall. When you open the door and step through it, it leads you to the space in front of the bound wall, on which the doorway has also appeared. You can use another action to close the door from either side and speak the command word, to instantly turn it back into a shield on the side where you are. On the other side, the doorway disappears and leaves no trace of its existence. The door can stay active for up to 1 hour, you can use this feature once per day, and the shield regains the use of this feature at midnight.
Portable Door


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