Royal Elixir of Rornach

Legendary Potion

Noble Gift. A Royal Elixir of Rornach is a potion that empowers you permanently, potentially beyond natural limits. The smell of the liquid of this potion is neutral but the taste is bittersweet and a little sour.   When you drink this potion, you gain a permanent +3 bonus to an ability score, up to a maximum of 22. The ability score depends on the type of elixir. You can only benefit from a single Royal Elixir in your entire lifetime. If the specific ability score is already 22 or greater, this potion has no effect on you, but you can also never gain the benefits of any other Royal Elixir.   Royal Elixirs of Rornach
Royal Elixir Ability Score
Boar Constitution
Bull Strength
Cat Dexterity
Dragon Charisma
Snake Intelligence
Peacock Any
Turtle Wisdom


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