Sheltering Bowl

Rare Wondrous Item

Terracotta Dome. You can use an action to place the bowl upside down and speak a command word, when you do the bowl shatters into countless shards. Over the course of 10 minutes, these shards become ethereal, rise, and arrange themselves to form a magical protective dome with a 15ft. diameter. The dome can accommodate up to six creatures of Medium size or smaller. All creatures that touched the bowl upon activation can move within the dome freely, while all other entities are barred from entry. No spells or other magical effects can penetrate or be cast through this magical barrier. Regardless of the weather outside, the atmosphere inside the dome remains comfortable. Creatures inside can adjust the interior's light level by speaking command words. To those outside, the dome appears as a terracotta dome, but from the inside, it is transparent. After the 8 hours have passed, the dome breaks apart, and the ethereal shards turn back into a physical bowl in the center of where the dome stood. Once the bowl has reformed, this feature can be used again after 12 hours have passed.


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