Smokesculptor Pipe

Common Wondrous Item

Smoking Performance. While smoking this pipe, you can use an action to exhale a magical puff of smoke that takes the form of a shape, creature or object. The subject can be anything, but the puff of smoke has to fit in a 5ft. cube, does not obscure vision and dissipates after a few seconds. If the subject is a creature, it moves like the real version of it. When you exhale a puff of smoke and choose a subject, make a Performance check. Use the examples in the table below to determine whether you successfully sculpted the smoke into your desired shape.   Example Smoke Sculptures
DC Examples
5 Ring, orb
10 Cube, pyramid, geometrical shape
15 Sword, arrow, shield, fish, snake
20 Silhouette of a person, beast
25 Detailed face of a person you know
30 Griffon, dragon, celestial, ship
Smokesculptor Pipe


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