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Socks of Finding

Uncommon Wondrous Item

Lost and Found. This pair of socks is enchanted with Divination magic. When you are wearing one of these socks you always know exactly where the other is if it is within 10 miles of you. The enchantment can be blocked by Antimagic fields.   When the socks are more than 10 miles apart or are on different planes, one automatically teleports to within 5ft. of the other. Flip a coin to determine which sock teleports.   Sock-mail. When a sock teleports it also teleports objects that are inside of it. Creatures or parts of creatures do not get teleported but instead remain in their original place as the sock disappears.
Socks of Finding


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Jun 8, 2021 13:49

Finally; socks that won't dissapear from the laundromat.

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