Sunless Spiral Prison

The Sunless Spiral is the subterranean prison complex on the island of Aceda in Rornach. It consists of a wide central walkway that spirals down into the earth. Connected to this wide corridor are large halls with holding cells for each prisoner.   The Spiral holds all types of criminal offenders. Those who commit petty theft or other minor transgressions against the Juris Septem are held in the upper halls. Those that commit more serious crimes, such as murder or the abuse of magic, are held in the cells the furthest from the surface of Rornach. The upper halls contain regular holding cells for each prisoner, but the further down you go, the more secure the cells become. The cells in the depths of the spiral are even enchanted to prevent the use of any sort of magic by the prisoners.
Alternative Names
The Sunless Spiral
The Spiral
The Spiral Keep
Parent Location


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