In the desert of Kordaasi rages the eternal storm known as the Tormardienta. Known by many titles amongst the different people living on the continent of Esca. The storm is the prime reason for the desert climate of Kordaasi.

Blistering Heat

According to legend, the lands of Kordaasi used to be as verdant and green as Wolfsbrunn and Athorea but as long as people can remember, the Tormardienta has burned the lands into submission. The origin of the Tormardienta is unknown, some scholars have theorized the storm itself is a tear in the material plane to the elemental plane of fire. Religious individuals and prophets have even claimed it is a gate to the realms of the divines themselves. Regardless of the origin of the storm, none have withstood its scorching heat. The storm leaves the land dry and broken. In some occassions the heat melts the stone into lava, in other places the storm sometimes leaves glass and crystallike growths in its wake.

Cycle of Fire

The storm is contained within mountainranges and does not seem to pass over large bodies of water so it is contained within the region of Kordaasi. The Tormadienta moves through Kordaasi in a counterclockwise circle and completes this circle in about 18 months. The eye of the storm does not follow the exact same path every cycle but its trajectory can be estimated by those familiar with the storm. This is the basis for the Kordaasiz people to live a nomadic lifestyle, always moving in concordance with the Tormadienta.
Alternative Names
The Ardent Torment
The Blisterwinds
The Burning Blight
The Everlasting Storm
The Gilded Tempest
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