Vine Green Runechalk

Uncommon Wondrous Item

Chalk One Up. As an action you can use this chalk to draw a simple symbol. A creature using this chalk must have at least an intelligence of 10 to draw these symbols. You can draw up to 20 symbols with this chalk before it is completely used up.   Skull. (Drawn on an item or creature) Reveals if the subject that the symbol is drawn on is poisonous or toxic to the person who drew the symbol.   Flower. (Drawn on, beneath or around a plant) Reveals basic information about the plant and potential (alchemical) uses.   Pentagram. Any Alchemy or Herbology based crafting or skill checks made within this pentagram are made with advantage.   Berry Bush. Conjures 1d4 Goodberries inside the symbol (as per the Goodberry spell).
Vine green runechalk


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