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Witchy Winegum

Uncommon Wondrous Item

Bewitched Candy. This sweet and sour winegum is infused with somesort of chaotic magic. You can use an action to consume the winegum. Roll on the table to determine what the winegum does. The effects of the winegum last until you finish a long rest and you can only benefit from the effects of one winegum per long rest.   Witchy Winegum Effects
d6 Spell
1 Immune to diseases and being Poisoned.
2 Hit point maximum increases by 3d6
3 +2 bonus to Wisdom score.
4 Resistance to Poison and Acid damage.
5 +1 bonus to all weapon attack rolls.
6 +1 bonus to all spell attack rolls.
Witchy Winegum


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