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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a medical condition which is feared by some
A total of 726 entries

Leaf Blight: A Clinical Study and Scientific Brief

Pre-flight Liquification, Original Presentation

Shadowed - Prompt #2 Medical condition feared by some.

Disability - The Adventurer's Malady

Magically Induced Dystrophy {WASC 2021}

794.II, 7 Meoii: the Night Rage

Diseases, Illnesses and Curses

Sumpffieber/Hexenfieber - Sziget

Prismatic Dermeleonitis

Evermold Parasite Infection

Op-Ed Vol 430 - The Refugee Condition prompt

The Stiffening, Stiffen death

Interface Membrane Infection

Shock Compression Illness - The Space Bends

Spé Glaú, The Never-Ending Hunger

Metabiological Holistic Degradation

Human Ursurping and Supressing Contagion

Saurian Degeneracy Syndrome