Fey Moss Irritation

This particular disease occurs when a person comes into contact with Fey Moss. This peculiar moss is native to dark woods and ancient forests such as the Blackvald in Wolfsbrunn. Beasts, Fey creatures, Elves and others of fey descent are immune to this disease. Hunters are careful not to contract Fey Moss Irritation, as the effects might have grave consequences when out in the wild stalking dangerous prey.   Source: When Fey Moss is disturbed, it releases spores into the air. These spores cause an allergic reaction when they enter the lungs of a creature. When this happens the creature has to roll a Constitution saving throw (DC 15). On a failed save they will experience the following symptoms and effects.
  Symptoms: The creature suffers from coughing fits and when they are tired after a long day, their vision changes so that they can only see things in shades of green and orange.
  Effects: When the creature fails their saving throw they have disadvantage on all attack rolls and ability checks for the following minute as they have trouble breathing and are suffering from coughing fits as they are trying to expel the spores from their system. Until the creature is cured, whenever they roll a natural one on an attack roll or ability check, they suffer another minute of coughing fits with the same effects.
  Cure: Lesser Restoration or a cure of a similar level or higher. A nature check (DC 14) reveals that making a simple tea of the moss itself has a 50% chance of curing the disease as well. If the tea fails to cure the creature, they can attempt to be cured by it again after they have finished a long rest. Each consecutive failure increases the chance of healing by 10%. A medicine check (DC 10) reveals that a Moss Vaporization treatment also heals the disease.


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