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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region
A total of 510 entries

Innu humped sheep

Panzercats: a global conspiracy or a proof of sentience

Traveller's Gourd cactus

Greatwurm of the Quaking Isle

Barrian Bog Fern

Frozen Weeping Willow

794.II, 25 Floii: the huntsbeasts

Croal-Footed Dricken

Whale, Thedroth variant

the frosted trees

Tiger Striped Hooked Slug

Earth Elemental Fungi

The dead land kobolds

Aygera: The Timid Trinket

The Black Flowers of Darthin

Swift-Foot Deer, Champion of the Fikto Desert

Maneating Mandrake

The Drooping Princess

the phoenix flower

The Realm River Serpent

Soul spiders - Prompt #12 a plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region

Giant Vulture Bee

Golden Breasted Guillemot


The Luminous Draknel


Hollow Shaytan Spider

Rimush Ukatnuu - Giant Swamp Alligator

Nerethae aka the Hardyherb

The Saffron Flowers of Zafriste - Recipe Within!

Central Eaton Rainplant

Malevolent Moonflower of Murky Waters

Nirthr Mountain Laurel

Maledictus locustam marinam

Κητος Κητεα- The Horror from the Deep

Rockbead Creeper

Grüne Wüstenagame

Chakaraka, Desert Raptors

Ghynzuan Desert Goats

Withered Black Vine

Vulpes Spirita: The Ghost Foxes of Ami Psalma by Lidie K. Feidir

Tank-Jockey Beetle

Shaft Abominations

Yellow Bread Algae

Permafrost Flowers

Midenari Butterflies

Beautiful Doll Flower

The Spiteful Plant

Fragments d'hyperespace

The Barracuda of the Great Haraq Delta {WASC 2021}

Salt Weed from the Frozen Wastes

Miyu's Severed Head

Southwild Ridge-Cat

Bone-eating parasite

Prompt 12: Snow Shade

The Wailing Sun - AKA Shadowbloom

Solnerii Sand Worm

Suneater Scorpion

Abominationem facientem

Herbstlichwald Ravens

Otyughs of Baron's Point

Vampire Ground Hawk

Ponyan Vine & Flower

P-series 91C "Melt Vine"

Amphista - Amphisbaena

Golden Skirt Cuttlefish

The Erupting Biast

Twin Colossal Plants: Life Tree and Death Cactus

Withered Leech, Siccabutir Accip

Rahigi Sapblood Tree

White Desert Ray

Ye olde Corpse Churner

Yhastor Mana-Orchid

Avanthat Ground Sloth

Faur'ridar'ru Fungus