The Dragon's Declaration

Also known as 'the Royal Decree of Independence of the Kingdom of Westzell' this letter was sent by the King of Westzell to the High King of Wolfsbrunn to declare the sovereignty of Westzell from the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn.  
My people will live where the land meets the sea, to where the trees block out all the light. These lands will henceforth be known as the Kingdom of Westzell. Know that my word is law wherever you see my gold and green banners fly.
— Excerpt from the Dragon's Declaration


At the time, and to this day, the letter is regarded as the ramblings of a narcissistic maniac claiming ownership to lands that were not theirs. As such, the letter was seen as a statement of open rebellion against the crown. However, the High King of Wolfsbrunn decided not to go to war over this rebellion, because at the time of writing, Westzell was no more than a small village near the western coast of Wolfsbrunn. Thriving on what the lands and sea had to offer, but with no notable martial powers to speak of. Closed in by the ancient Blackvald forests, the Cobalt Divide and the Moon Mountains, it was thought there was little chance of the settlement expanding or attracting more people.
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