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Basilisk Eye Sphere

Simple Magic Trap (level 1-4, moderate threat)

A basilisk eye sphere is a type of enchanted stone that is typically embedded in walls or archways to prevent people from venturing closer and discovering things they are not supposed to. Although it shares a similarity with the creature it was named after, a basilisk eye sphere does not need to be looked at by an individual in order to be petrified by it. Mereley standing still in the area the eye is pointed at causes the magical effect to activate.


Trigger. The magic of the sphere is activated when an individual ends its turn within the 60ft. cone area the eye is pointed at.
  Effects. When the Basilisk Eye Sphere is activated the creatures within the area have to make a Constitution saving throw (DC 12). On a failed save a creature magically begins to turn to stone and becomes Restrained. If the creature is already Restrained in this manner, it has to repeat the saving throw, on a success the effect ends. On a failure the creature becomes Petrified until freed by the Greater Restoration spell or other magic.  


To avoid the effects of a Basilisk Eye Sphere, an individual can avoid standing still in the area of its gaze. Being invisible to the eye prevents the magic, but disabling or destroying the sphere are great ways to prevent becoming petrified by this sphere.   Countermeasure Phases
Phase Ability Check
Detection Perception (DC 12), Detect Magic (Transmutation)
Analysis Investigation (DC 14), Arcana (DC 12)
Solution Detect Magic
  Solution (Dispel Magic). Read the following text when a character casts Dispel Magic on the sphere.    

As you finish casting the spell, you see the eye become clouded with a silvery haze. For now the flow of magic in the sphere seems to be blocked.


Alternative Solutions

Arcane. Casting Invisibility on yourself. Alternatively, you can cast the Darkness or Blindness/Deafness spell on the Basilisk Eye Sphere so that it cannot observe you or other creatures.   Attack. Attacking and destroying the sphere, preferably from a safe range. The sphere has an AC of 17 and 10 hit points.
Trap Summary
Aspect Details
Purpose Delay
Restrain Visual
Target All creatures in a 60ft. cone
Save Constitution (DC 12)
Effects Restrained, Petrified
Duration Instant


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