Transmutation is the school of magic that is ascribed to magic which changes physical properties of non-living and living things. In some cultures it is referred to as Alteration, Transfiguration or simply as Mutation magic.   Transmuters are capable of casting spells which simply change one material into another but are also capable of changing the physicality of a creature partly or completely. Although it has to be noted that only powerful and knowledgable transmuters can manipulate the arcane in a way that these transformations last indefinitely.   Some consider the act of shapeshifting oneself also a form of transmutation magic while others have argued that whether it can be regarded as transmutation fully depends on the type and origin of ability. The point of debate seems to hinge on the understanding and application of the magic rather than the act of transformation that happens naturally or without control. A prime example for this argument is the transformation of lycanthropes, which is commonly not regarded as transmutation magic but is still a form of shapeshifting.
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Transmutation spells


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