Beastcaller's Bane

Major Conjuration Curse (Creature)

Description. This curse is typically cast by fey creatures on druids and rangers. Sometimes it is placed on people who abuse animals, as it can also be cast in a way that the beasts summoned through this curse are always hostile towards the cursed person.   Activation. Whenever the cursed person says the name of an animal, roll a d100. On a 75 or lower, the curse is activated. 1d6 Beasts of the animal that was named appear within 30ft. of the cursed person. Depending on the type of animal(s) and situation, they may be hostile towards the cursed person. The curse may also be triggered whenever a similar sounding word is used. For example, a creature exclaiming they: ‘have a hoarse voice’, may summon 1d6 horses. The only exception to this rule is the word ‘be’, which does not summon bees. The effect can occur only once every hour, and every time the curse is activated, the DC for the d100 is lowered by 25. The DC resets to 75 after a long rest.   Breaking. Drinking a Potion of Animal Friendship breaks this curse. Alternatively being the target of a Remove Curse spell while the DC of the d100 is at 50 or lower.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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