Conjuration is the school of magic that focuses on summoning (or 'calling') material and creatures. It can also be used in a reversed manner to send these things to other places, either through teleportation or banishment. These type of effects can cover any type of distance depending on their strength, with some spells even reaching into different planes of existence.   Talents of conjurers vary wildly, some are able to create harmful effects, summon dangerous creatures or call nature to their own aid whereas others might have unlocked the secrets of teleportation and travel through the planes of existence at will. Master conjurers can hide behind the creatures they call to their aid and slip away through a portal, leaving their enemies to deal with the dangers they left behind.   Where the school of Transmutation changes materials, and the school of Illusion makes things appear to the senses, the school of Conjuration creates physical objects, creatures or materials by either weaving the forces of the arcane to create them from thin air, or summoning them from another place.
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Conjuration spells


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