Blight of the Wet Toad

Minor Necromancy Curse (Creature)

Description. The Blight of the Wet Toad is a curse that can be put on an unsuspecting adventurer when they come into physical contact with a malignant spellcaster's toad familiar. Such a toad is usually dripping with moisture and typically has a soft green glow in their eyes, but the latter indication of this curse is not always perceptible to those that are not investigating the toad from up close. This curse is the reason why some people are superstitious not to touch or interact with wet toads or those that have any trace of magic on them.   Effects. When a creature comes into physical contact with the cursed toad, they have to make a Constitution saving throw (DC 12). On a failed save they become Cursed. While Cursed in this way, they take 1d6 Acid damage whenever their body first comes into contact with water after they have finished a long rest, for example through swimming or walking in the rain. This effect is not triggered through the act of drinking water.   Breaking. Remove Curse or a spell with a similar effect. The owner of the toad may also lift the curse at will.
Type of Magic
School of Magic


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