Necromancy is the school of magic that manipulates the forces of life and death. Even though this school of magic might be most famously known for spells that are used for raising the dead, restorative magic is also a part of this type of magic. As such, spells and magic belonging to the school of Necromancy are not inherently evil.   Necromancers are able to manipulate the magic that is within the living and the dead. They can use these abilities to heal or harm others or even bring back the dead from the afterlife. While necromancy is closely tied to the Divines, the source of its power is also directly tied to the Plane of Light and the Plane of Shadow.   Because of its bad name in the world, good natured (and often religious) users of necromantic magic have taken to calling it Restoration magic, or refering to it as Life or Soul magic instead of necromancy. This is often done solely with necromantic spells that are beneficial instead of harmful. Those with a more evil intention simply call themselves necromancers and people refer to their practices as the Dark Arts or Shadow magic.
Alternative name(s)
Black Magic
Dark Arts
Life Magic
Shadow Magic
Soul Magic
Necromancy spells


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