Cecilia Whitner

Cecilia is the administrator of the Verrelatok in the city of Rornach. Together with the help of a few aides, she is responsible for the administrative backbone of the Verrelatok. She holds the records of all the requests and contracts for the Verrelatok and oversees the recruitment of new members. Requests of people to use weaponry, armor or mounts of the Verrelatok are also processed and approved by Cecilia.   Cecilia grew up in Altenport as the daughter of a captain of the guard. Her mother had died of a disease early in her life, so she was raised by her strict and well-organized father. At a young age, Cecilia taught herself to read and write. The stories of the world outside of Altenport eventually led her to leave her hometown behind and travel to the big city of Rornach. Here she worked as a scribe for various people until her organisational talents were picked up by the Envoy of Ira at the time. She was offered a job as head administrator for the Verrelatok and has remained in that position ever since. Over the years, Cecilia has been able to systematically and methodically support the many responsibilities of the Verrelatok by constantly improving their methods and of course through her excellent management.
Current Location
Year of Birth
6689 AV 49 Years old
Black and grey, bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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